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Benefits To Client

Finding an ideal attorney

Selection of an attorney can be a difficult and frustrating challenge. Without knowing a particular attorney's experience and reputation, choices are often made at random - based upon casual acquaintance; family or friends' well-meaning suggestions; advertising by attorneys; or from a list of attorneys provided by a legal referral service. These avenues will not likely provide the best attorney for your needs. Legion will act independently, with no tie to any other law firm, to connect you with the best choice from the multitude of available attorneys, whether from our firm or another.

A Guardian Co-Counsel watching out for you

Without the assistance of Legion Counsel, you have no way of ensuring that you are being properly represented. Monitoring is difficult given most people's lack of familiarity with the legal system and its often confusing language.

You may also find it difficult to determine whether the billing you receive is appropriate for the services performed. We'll carefully review it for you.

Legion can make sure that the lawyer selected to handle your case is the best for the job, taking into account the nature of your claim, the firm's history of success in handling similar claims, and the reputation of the lawyer in the legal community. By independently monitoring progress, Legion can be sure that the matter is being handled properly and efficiently.

All of these guardian co-counsel services are provided by Legion at no additional cost to you.
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