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Benefits To Co-Counsel

How will the services of Legion Counsel add value to your law firm?

Ideally, the competent and successful firm would be able to rely entirely upon its reputation and referrals by satisfied clients to provide a healthy flow of clients and work. Most law firms, however, always welcome a new client with a problem within their preferred practice areas. As in any business, there is often a cost attached to attracting these clients: advertising, public relations, Martindale Hubbell listings and referral sources.

A law firm pays nothing for the opportunity of considering a client directed to them by Legion Counsel. Should their interview result in retention of the firm by the client, compensation would then be due to Legion Counsel from the firm in an amount consistent with the nature and magnitude of the claim *. Law firms will find the arrangement well worthwhile considering that Legion Counsel will:

  • Generate all client leads at its own expense.

  • Pre-screen and conduct in-depth interviews of prospective clients - directing only significant cases to law firms for their consideration.

  • Provide the firm with a detailed summary of the interview and evaluation of the claim.

  • Pre-sell the merits of a law firm by providing the potential client with persuasive information regarding the firm, its professional qualifications and experience.

  • In our advisory co-counsel role to the client, support and supplement the retained firm's services.

  • Recognizing the sensitivity of clients to legal fees, Legion will be available to explain the charged fees to help allay concerns.

  • By giving extra attention to the client, Legion can reduce the amount of time and energy devoted by the retained firm to client relations.

  • Legion Counsel can bring good cases to a law firm and then continue to make their task of representing the client somewhat easier.

*  Any sharing of fees between Legion Counsel and the selected attorney is subject to client approval after written disclosure of the terms of such fee sharing, and in compliance with any other ethical obligations under California law.

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