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Business Law

Southern California Business Law

Business law broadly refers to the entire range of rules, statutes, codes, and regulations established for the operation of a business and for commercial transactions. This area of law encompasses business formation and organization, business planning, transactions, acquisition, merger, divestiture and sale of businesses, reporting to applicable regulatory agencies, and legal actions brought or defended against involving the business.

It is wise to consult the right kind of Southern California business law attorney before a business is commenced to determine the best business structure, to assist with issues involving the hiring of employees, tax and intellectual property issues, etc. Obviously, you should retain an experienced attorney if, for example, your business is being investigated by a government agency, or a customer is severely injured by one of your products or on your premises. However, there are many more reasons to retain an attorney for your business that are not so readily apparent.

Legal issues arise regularly for every kind of business. If your business is large enough, a general counsel can be hired to oversee all legal matters. In the absence of this, an arrangement with outside counsel and its periodic use can accomplish the purpose. The important thing is to use the services of a Southern California business/corporate attorney experienced in the particular legal issue facing your business.

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