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Case Result Summaries

The case recoveries and results shown on the opening page of this website were achieved by various California law firms unrelated to Legion Counsel and were dependent on the facts of each case. The results will differ if based on different facts. No particular results can be guaranteed by any lawyer. The following is a summary of the facts of the cases portrayed:

Personal Injury Cases

Train Accident: Verdict: $2,301,210

Burn Injury: Settlement: $17,167,104

Bicycle Accident:   Verdict: $6,891,000

Birth Injury:     Settlement: $2.5 million

Asbestos Injury:   Verdict: $16,998,868

Auto Accident:   Verdict: $952,694

Defective Product:   Award: $3,015,563

Brain Injury:      Settlement: $5,000,000      

Medical Malpractice Cases

Failure to Diagnose: Settlement: $1.6 million

Birth Injury: Settlement: $3,450,000

Dental Malpractice:    Verdict: $523,900

Nursing Home Neglect:      Verdict: $2,400,000

HMO Managed Care Malpractice:   Settlement: $1 million

Kaiser Medical Malpractice:   Verdict: $6,000,236

Doctor Negligence:    Settlement: $1,800,000

Misdiagnosis:  Verdict: $1.5 million

Employment Law Cases

Disability Discrimination:   Verdict  $6,500,000

Sexual Orientation Discrimination:   Verdict: $431,000

Racial Discrimination:    Verdict: $1,781,947

Wrongful Termination:      Verdict:  $1,364,737

Whistleblower Claim:   Settlement: $2,049,451

Age Discrimination:   Settlement: $2.1 million 

Family Leave Violation:     Settlement: $220,000

Gender/Pregnancy Discrimination:   Verdict: $1,012,720



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