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Catastrophic Injury

The term “catastrophic injury” refers to the most serious type of personal injury.  It involves a civil lawsuit seeking damages in the form of a lump sum monetary settlement or, in some instances, on-going compensation. As in all personal injury cases, the victim must prove that the defendant caused the injuries through either his negligence or by an intentional act.

A catastrophic injury involves an impairment that is extremely serious and permanent in nature, severely impacting the victim's life and the lives of his loved ones. While some people may recover from catastrophic injuries suffered in an accident or event, others become permanently disabled, subjected to long-term suffering, or perhaps a significantly shortened lifespan. Catastrophic injuries are sometimes not revealed to the victim for many years. Examples of this include head, brain or other damage to the body, severe burns, disfigurement, loss of mobility, or neurological disorders.

An experienced Southern California personal injury attorney can help you in many ways. Initially, he or she can assist you in obtaining the necessary medical treatment. The attorney can then take the legal action necessary for you to recover all medical costs for your injuries. It is critical for you to contact the best possible attorney for your needs as soon as possible. Statutes of limitations in California do apply and any delay on your part could result in a loss of recourse for you claim.

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