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Employment / Labor Law

Employment law encompasses the conduct of employers toward employees, former employees, and applicants for employment. It covers a range of issues, including pension plans, retirement, occupational safety and health regulations, affirmative action, discrimination and sexual harassment. Preemptively, businesses can take steps to reduce their risk of employment litigation and ensure their compliance with state and local laws. Employment law also involves the protection of workers when their rights are being violated.

Labor laws were established to balance the bargaining power between employers and employees. Identified unfair labor practices are forbidden, and the laws attempt to obligate both parties to engage in good faith collective bargaining. Employees are granted  the right to unionize and employers and employees are authorized to engage in certain activities for the purpose of getting their demands fulfilled.

Whether employer or employee, if a dispute has arisen involving wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination due to gender, age, race, sexual orientation or other form of discrimination, wage and overtime issues, employment contracts, severance payments, or other employment related issue, you need to retain a specialized Southern California employment lawyer. This would be someone who has participated in mediations, arbitrations and litigation.

Please click here to go to our San Diego Employment Law Website.

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