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Family Law

Southern California Family Law Attorneys

Family law is a term used to describe that body of law which encompasses all aspects of family relations, including divorce, spousal support, separation agreements, child custody and visitation, children's rights, child support and adoption. Divorce can be a stressful and traumatic experience. With few exceptions, if there is no prospect for an agreed reconciliation, a no-fault divorce will proceed regardless of resistance by the other spouse. Each party will then seek to have an equitable distribution of the family assets and, if children are involved, reasonable arrangements for child support and visitation.

Should the parties be unable to agree upon the amount of  child support, the law provides objective guidelines for that purpose, which would then be set by the Court. The issues of child custody and visitation can be extremely contentious. Reasonable visitation rights will normally be granted to a parent unless it is shown that the visitation would not be in the best interests of the child. A judge will usually make the effort to encourage the parents to agree on a fair arrangement which is best for the children. Should this fail, the judge would make the ultimate determination.

A qualified Southern California family lawyer will know how best to serve your needs regarding the intimate relationships with your spouse and children, at the same time protecting your reasonable property rights.

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