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Management & Colleagues

Legion Counsel operates with a limited number of on-site attorneys and staff. We rely additionally upon our trusted off-site colleagues and consultants. These include retired attorneys, judges and other professionals experienced in a wide range of practice areas who are also well acquainted with practicing attorneys in the area.

Depending upon the particular claim of a client, we might utilize the supplementary services of these consultants to assist in assessing the claim, finding the best law firm to handle it, and monitoring the performance of the selected co-counsel. Any consulting attorney charged with helping to identify an optimum law firm for the benefit of a Legion client would be precluded from recommending one with which he might have been associated in the past.

This use of outside trusted advisors reflects the progressive management vision of Legion Counsel to use the most informed specialist on any subject, and also operate with maximum efficiency.

Legion Counsel is optimally equipped and prepared to be fully responsive to clients and expertly perform its attorney search and supervisory responsibilities.
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