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Message From Founder

Choosing the right attorney can be difficult. Most attorneys specialize in particular practice areas. You certainly want a competent lawyer who has successful experience relevant to your problem. But how do you find the right one? There are many referral agencies that will direct you to one of the attorneys signed up on their list, but these agencies don't really know them. There must be a better way to find representation.

Now there is. I founded Legion Counsel after a long career of involvement with other attorneys - in private practice; as corporate general counsel for several international companies; as a business owner retaining numerous lawyers; and as a private banker to law firms. As a result of this diverse experience, I learned the ins and outs of the law practice and figured out how best to identify the right lawyer for any particular purpose. Also, I've supervised the efforts of lawyers working for me, to ensure they provided quality service at fair billing rates and terms.

The Legion Counsel team applies this kind of expertise and knowledge of the legal community to ensure that you find just the right attorney for your specific needs. If not one of ours, we will recommend another ideal counsel for you. then continue in the role of a guardian co-counsel to monitor their work and charges. And it doesn't cost you anything. Selected co-counsel pays for our services.

Ultimately you end up being represented by the selected firm and Legion Counsel - a win/win for you.

John K. Baldwin LLB. MBA
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