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Legion Counsel will find an attorney to assist you with your legal needs if:

  • You have a significant claim for damages and your case can be taken on a contingency fee basis (for example, you were injured in an accident, or you have a claim against a physician or lawyer for malpractice); or,  
  • You can afford to pay attorneys fees on an hourly basis.

Although the recommendation services we provide cost you nothing, the lawyer or law firm you hire will have to charge you.  If you don’t have a claim for damages and cannot otherwise afford to pay an attorney, there are organizations that offer assistance free of charge, or at a substantially reduced rate.  There are also “self-help” websites that provide legal forms and instructions for handling certain legal problems.  If this describes your situation, we suggest you consider contacting one or more of the resources below for your legal needs.

For assistance with legal problems:

  • Lawyer Referral Services of the State Bar of California:  (866) 442-2529
  • Legal Aid Society of Southern California:  (877) 534-2524
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles:  (800) 399-4529
  • California Senior Legal Hotline:  (800) 222-1753
    Nonprofit agency providing free legal advice and assistance to seniors
  • California Department of Consumer Affairs:  (800) 952-5210
    Information and resources for California consumers
  • California Indian Legal Services:  (800) 829-0284
    Information and resources for Native Americans
  • California Women’s Law Center:  (323) 951-1041
    Programs and education in gender discrimination, violence against women
  • Legal Zoom Legal Document Service:  (800) 773-0888
    Online legal document service assisting with divorce, wills, small claims, incorporations, real estate leases, etc.
  • Internet Law Library:  Ask legal questions, find an attorney, get legal forms
  •  Legal forms, business forms, government forms, self-help law center

For assistance with general, non-legal problems:


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