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Services Provided

This is what Legion Counsel will do for you:

  • Obtain the essential facts and background of your problem or claim, with all information to be retained in the strictest confidence.

  • Prepare a summary of claim and a preliminary legal evaluation.

  • Identify the best available attorney for your needs at no cost to you.

  • Recommend this attorney to you, based upon our knowledge of the lawyer, his or her professional qualifications, and other relevant facts.

  • At your convenience, arrange an interview between the recommended attorney and yourself, for which there will be no charge.

  • If you choose to retain an attorney other than a Legion Counsel member, Legion will continue for a period of time as co-counsel, to ensure your proper representation.
  • Confer with selected counsel to discuss your legal issues, progress and strategies to achieve favorable resolution.

  • At your request, review the retainer agreement, correspondence, billings, documents and legal pleadings sent to you by selected counsel.

  • Communicate with you regarding your case and answer any questions about the services provided by selected counsel.

No Charge to You

All services by Legion described above will be provided at no additional charge to you. You are guaranteed no increase in the usual and customary fees of the law firm representing you.*

*  Any sharing of fees between Legion Counsel and the selected attorney is subject to client approval after written disclosure of the terms of such fee sharing, and in compliance with any other ethical obligations under California law.

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