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Protectors and guardians have always had a prominent place in both human history and fable. Legion counsel follows this tradition by providing special protection for clients both by matching them with the best lawyers and by continuing as special guardian of their interests. This kind of fiduciary role is modeled after other services prevalent in the modern world. Consider:

  • The protective services provided by other professionals for their clients, including trustees; executors of estates; holders of power of attorney; appointed guardians for minors.

  • The services of corporate general counsels in representing companies, their management and employees, including the monitoring of legal services of outside law firms.

  • The new service available to patients of a "health advocate", who assists clients in navigating the health care maze.

  • The use of a gatekeeper doctor who recommends and watches over the care provided by medical specialists for the various needs of a patient.

  • The services of an investment advisor, to make recommendations for the client from among the multitude of investment opportunities.


Identifying and assigning important tasks to specialists is an accepted and essential business and personal practice. This should also result in a savings of both time and money. It ensures that the task will be handled and completed professionally and successfully.

Legion Counsel makes sure that a client's legal need is outsourced to and matched with a capable and qualified legal expert. We might even recommend separate specialist attorneys to handle different aspects of a legal problem.

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